Meet the Supporting Cast

of the Big Shootout

Chapter 35-1 Beano Cook - 300px - Copy.jpg

Beano Cook, ABC Staff

Carroll “Beano” Cook - ABC publicist and TV sports icon who scrutinized the entire 1969 football schedule before recommending that Texas-Arkansas postpone their game to December 6 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of college football.

Chapter 16-4 Doc Worthington Interview -sized.jpg

Doc Worthington, Band Director

Doc Worthington - Band Director for University of Arkansas. Played significant role in halting the Razorback band’s tradition of performing Dixie on December 6, 1969—or ever again.

Chapter 3-7a Honor Franklin Interview -sized.jpg

Honor Franklin, Arkansas Student

Honor Franklin - Arkansas student and member of the Razorback Beauty Court but girlfriend and future wife of Longhorn guard Bobby Mitchell. Who was she rooting for?

Chapter 7-16 Karo Johnson - 300px -sized.jpg

Karo Johnson, UT Student

Karo Johnson - Unique perspective of the Big Shootout. One of only 240 University of Texas students to receive a ticket to the game.

Chapter 47-2 Tom Muerer Interview -sized.jpg

Tom Muerer, Nixon Advance Party

Tom Meurer - With the Nixon advance party. Led Nixon into the stadium. Senior Vice President of Hunt Consolidated in Dallas today.

Chapter 46-1 Bill Little interview -sized.jpg

Bill Little, Sports Information Director

Bill Little - Assistant Sports Information Director. A former student assistant in the UT SID office, he came back to Texas in March of 1968 after serving two years as sports editor of the Oklahoma City Associated Press. A native of Winters, Texas.

Chapter 24-9  Dr. Gordon Morgan -sized.jpg

Dr. Gordon Morgan, Professor

Dr. Gilbert Morgan - First black professor at University of Arkansas. Served as intermediary between the University administration and B. A. D. (Black Americans for Democracy).

Chapter 38-3 Joe Tave -sized.jpg

Joe Tave, Assistant Dean of Men

Joe Tave - First African American employee of the University of Arkansas as Assistant Dean of Men. Chilling recall of the pep rally the night before the game.

Chapter 19-1 Linda Holmes Interview -sized.jpg

Linda Holmes, UofA Student and Daughter of Col. Holmes

Linda Holmes Burnett - Girl friend and future wife of Razorback star running back Bill Burnett. Daughter of Colonel Eugene Holmes.

Chapter 16-3 Dr Otto Zinke interview -sized.jpg

Dr. Otto “Bud” Zinke, Professor

Dr. Otto Zinke - World War II veteran and Arkansas University professor. Though a liaison between Donald Donner’s anti-Vietnam group and the University administration, Dr. Zinke participated in the anti-Vietnam demonstration on December 6.

Chapter 25-2 Donner Photo - Recent -sized.jpg

Don Donner, Student Viet Nam Protestor

Donald Donner - A Vietnam veteran and University of Arkansas student. Led the war protest outside the stadium. Later had William Clinton and Hillary Clinton as one of his law professors at the University of Arkansas.

Chapter 27-2 Edith Royal Interview -sized.jpg

Edith Royal, Wife of Coach Darrell Royal

Edith Royal - Wife of Texas coach Darrell Royal. Remembers it all. Still living in Austin, she is dedicated to the cause of Alzheimer’s research in memory of her late husband Darrell K. Royal.

Chapter 23-1 Congressman Hammerschmidt Interview -sized.jpg

Arkansas Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt

Arkansas Congressman JPH - Close friend of Texas Congressman George Bush. Both men sat in the stands with President Nixon.

Chapter 47-1 Ron Walker Interview -sized.jpg

Ron Walker, Nixon Advance Party

Ron Walker - Chief of the White House advance party that arrived in Fayetteville on December 4, 1969. Chairman of Nixon Foundation today. Great Nixon imitation.

Chapter 34-8 Bob Livingston and Bradley Kopp_Alzheimers -sized.jpg

Bob Livingston and Bradley Kopp

Bob is a member of Austin’s legendary Lost Gonzo Band, Livingston toured and has recorded with such musical visionaries as Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Martin Murphey, Ray Wylie Hubbard and many more. Bradley has worked with Will Sexton, Willey Nelson, Mark Hallman, Bob Dylan, and John Prine. Currently his passion is for engineering and production. They put on a private concert for Darrel and Edith Royal and some of the 1969 players in Austin.