Meet the 1969 Texas Longhorns

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Darrel Royal, Head Coach

Darrell Royal - Head Coach & Athletic Director
Royal came to Texas after the 1956 season, when the Longhorns were at one of their lowest ebbs in history. When Royal and his staff carved out a 6-3-1 record and a Sugar Bowl berth, he was an instant hero to Longhorn fans. Texas is Royal’s fourth stop as a head coach. 


1969 University of Texas Longhorns

The 1969 team is the last all-white team to be named consensus national champions. Ranked fourth to start the year, the #2 Longhorns defeated rival Oklahoma by ten points on October 11, and gained the top spot in the polls in late November. On December 6, #1 Texas traveled to Fayetteville to meet second-ranked Arkansas; down by fourteen points in the fourth quarter, UT rallied to win 15–14 in the season's "Game of the Century," attended by President Richard Nixon. With a wishbone option offense, the Longhorns won all ten games in the regular season, and beat Notre Dame on New Year’s day in the Cotton Bowl Classic to finish undefeated.

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David Arledge, Defensive End

89 - David Arledge - DE - 6’1”, 195 lbs. - Sophomore - Richardson. Outstanding agility. Outstanding aggressiveness. Good quickness. He has all the qualities that make for an outstanding player.

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Julius Whittier, Freshman Team

Julius Whittier - OG - 6’1”, 215 lbs. - Frosh - San Antonio. First University of Texas African American Scholarship Player in Longhorn history. Coaches are excited about extremely talented prospect.

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James Street, Quarterback

16 - James Street - QB - 5’ 11”, 175 lbs, Junior, Longview. Took over starting quarterback job in third quarter of Texas Tech game last season and has led Longhorns to 19 straight wins. Coaches’ comments … “great arm, fine competitor and team leader.” Business major.

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Mike Campbell, Linebacker

86 - Mike Campbell - OLB - 5’11, 186 lbs. - Senior - Austin. Twin brother of Tom. Son of defensive chief Mike Campbell. Coaches’ comments …”good tackler; fine speed and hard worker." Business major.

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Bobby Mitchell, Offensive Guard

64 - Bobby Mitchell - OG  - 5’11”, 206 lbs. - Junior - Wheat Ridge, CO. Took over number one spot in the spring. Shot putter in track. Coaches’ comments …”outstanding blocker; potential to be outstanding.” Arts and Sciences major.

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Steve Worster, Fullback

30 - Steve Worster - FB, 6’1” - 204 lbs. - Junior - ridge City. One of the best fullbacks to play at Texas. Coaches’ comments …”tremendous short yardage runner with speed to break; a devastating blocker; could play any of several positions.” Business major.

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Randy Peschel, Tight End

40 - Randy Peschel - TE - 6’1”, 194 lbs., Senior, Austin. Coaches’ comments …”has good quickness and is a fine blocker.” Good all-around athlete. Played Outfield for Texas baseball team. Coaches’ comments …”has good quickness and is a fine blocker.” Business major.

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Bob McKay, Offensive Tackle

62 - Bob McKay - OT  - 6’5”, 240 lbs. - Senior - Crane. Has come back well from shoulder injury. Coaches’ comments ...”size, speed and all it takes to be a great one.” Education major.

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Scott Henderson, Linebacker

61 - Scott Henderson - ILB - 6’0” , 213 lbs. - Junior - Dallas. Coaches’ comments …”consistent player who makes few mistakes; smart.” All-SWC academic scholar. He started all three years and was a co-captain in 1970. Arts and Sciences major.

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Tom Campbell, Defensive Back

84 - Tom Campbell - CB - 5’11”, 183  lbs. - Senior  - Austin. Twin brother of Mike. Son of defensive chief Mike Campbell. Good pass defender. Coaches’ comments …”adapting well to new position.” Intercepted Montgomery’s final pass and sealed the Texas victory. Business major.

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Mike Dean, Offensive Guard

66 - Mike Dean - OG - Ht. 6’0”, 205 lbs. - Junior - Sherman. Never one to back down from a challenge. Even if the assignment was to block a player who was almost twice his size and destined to become the second overall pick in the NFL draft.