The Big Shootout Illustrated Hardcover Book

The Big Shootout Illustrated Hardcover Book


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First 100 copies ordered signed by Mike Looney

Over 400 Incredible Images includes FREE DVD DOCUMENTARY- THE BIG SHOOTOUT: The Life & Times of 1969 a $19.69 value!

Also includes a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD featuring an exclusive NEVER BEFORE seen interview…Former Arkansas Head Coach Frank Broyles, tells us why the University of Arkansas really left the Southwest Conference for the SEC

Mike Looney captured the unique personalities and stories of the players, coaches, and dignitaries during his travels when shooting the critically acclaimed documentary, The Big Shootout: The Life and Times of 1969. This book is The Untold Story of the Greatest Game Ever Played. The DVD is included along with special bonus footage never seen. Coaching legend Frank Broyles' granted Mike and his film crew the only interview he ever gave on The Big Shootout. As they were wrapping up Broyles asked Mike, “Do you want to know the real reason Arkansas University left the Southwest Conference?”

 "Shoot Out Diary is a dramatic literary journey from yesterday to today and so much more than a football book. A must read for not only Texas and Arkansas fans but all football fans. Loved this book from start to finish."

Edith Royal, Wife of Legendary Texas Longhorn Football Coach Darrell Royal

 "Not only a hypnotic football journey, but a story centering around our country in a troubled time. Then we get final precious glimpses of Beano, Royal and Street and stories from the Shoot Out participants, both fascinating and previously buried. As good as Looney's documentary—which is my favorite."

—Ian Fitzsimmons, ESPN

Book will be available in September 2019

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